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Fight Fire with Foam!

Tri-Max 30

TRI-MAX portable compressed air foam systems are available in any size to fit your needs. Handheld 3-gallon extinguishers will handle most small to medium size class A and B fires. The larger 30-gallon unit provides heavy duty fire fighting capability. The superior foam blanket and environmentally friendly agent minimizes water damage and protects exposures from re-flash. All systems can be easily recharged in the field. (Wheeled Skid, & Hose Reel units are available.)

Alaska TRI-MAX can special order any unit you desire ranging in size from a 3-gallon portable unit to a 200-gallon truck-mounted unit.

Our Mission:

Alaska TRI-MAX wants to become the leading provider in rural fire suppression in Alaska. Above all, we would like to see some form of fire suppression in areas where it does not currently exist, in the hopes that it will save lives or homes of Rural Alaskans.

We feel that the TRI-MAX line of fire suppression can bring a safe, affordable method to achieve this goal.

Click here for TRI-MAX product specifications.