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Project Code Red

The Alaska State Fire Marshal estimates that 120 rural Alaskan villages have little or no fire protection. In many cases where there is fire equipment, the fire fighting efforts are frustrated because this equipment is not appropriate for local conditions. There have been cases in which a $250,000 fire truck gets stuck in boggy tundra or deep snow before making it to the fire, no one present at the scene has been trained in using the equipment, and chemical extinguishers had frozen solid and were virtually worthless.

In addition to the loss of life, fires cause extensive property damage throughout Alaska. In 1998 alone, the reported money loss from fires was over 69 million dollars. The Alaska State Fire Marshal believes that adding information about the unreported injuries and property damage due to the fires in rural Alaska would cause the reported numbers to increase significantly. From 1993 – 2004 the total fire fatalities in rural Alaska was 139. Compared to the previous 10-year period the rural areas are improving greatly. The State Fire Marshals office, credits Project Code Red for this decrease in fatalities. The State Fire Marshals office was recognized for Project Code Red by the National Association of State Fire Marshals stating that the project was one of the most effective and efficient programs for reducing the loss of life due to fires in rural Alaska.

The Alaskan Needs:

  • 100 communities have little or no fire protection
  • Alaska's fire deaths are 300% of the national average
  • In 1996, the rate was actually 700% higher
  • 64% of the fire fatalities occurred in rural Alaska
  • $250,000 fire trucks become stuck in boggy tundra or deep snow
  • Chemical extinguishers often freeze solid
  • Fire damage in 1998 was over $69 million

The Solution:

The Micro-Rural Fire Department (Project Code Red)

  • Delivers 600 gallons of eco-safe fire fighting foam
  • Recharges in 5 minutes for less than $100
  • Safely fights fire from a range of 75 feet
  • Needs no engines or electric motors
  • Equips 5 fire fighters with fully outfitted trailers
  • Transports by ATV, snow machine, pickup or hand
  • Easily accesses boardwalks and trails
  • UL tested to 40 degrees below zero (Fahrenheit)
  • Provides state certified training for 10 firefighters
  • Ships in container that doubles as insulated/heated firehouse

All this for 28% less than a $250,000 new fire truck. And remember, with a fire truck you need ;to take into account the cost of building the firehouse for that fire truck and shipping.

Applying for Project Code Red

The first step is to download and submit an application form.